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The areas presented in this section are all either protected or in the process of being protected. In some cases, they can be visited because human presence, in certain conditions, does not represent a danger to the features we hope to protect; other areas, however, are fragile, meaning that visiting them is not at all recommended, or even physically inaccessible. 

In any event, please observe the following rules during your visit:

    1. Dispose of your rubbish in the nearest bins.
    2. No motor vehicles may be driven in these areas.
    3. Respect the animals, vegetation and the entire environment in general.
    4. Do not disturb birds by shouting or making noise.
    5. Do not leave valuable objects in sight inside your vehicle.
    6. Be particularly careful when on/under cliffs and in tunnels.
    7. Camping is forbidden (there is a campsite in Lumbier).
    8. The ‘foz’ has wardens. Please collaborate with them.


To get the most out of your visit, we suggest that first you visit the ‘Foz’ Interpretation Centre in Lumbier, where the staff will give you more information

Centro de Interpretación de las Foces de Lumbier

BE CAREFUL!! The ‘foces’ are living environments. There is danger of rockfall. 

In the event of an emergency of any kind, dial 112.